The Prance Family


Although the first recorded Prances were found in Yorkshire we have very little information regarding the families. If anyone can add to the items below we would be very glad of some help. We do however have records of some Yorkshire Prances during the 1800/1900's.

Ricardus Praunce and Willemus Prance

The first known record of Prances on these islands were the above two in Poll Tax records for the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1379. Ricardus is a Portugese Christian name and Praunce ( or Praunze) is judged to be of Teutonic (German) origin. Make of that as you will! Another account names a Ricardo Praunze in1292 but this latter cannot be relied upon at the moment.

In the 1600's there was a grain merchant by the name of Prance in High Street, Hull. The house faced onto the street, whilst the wharehouse was at the back with the river Hull lapping at the landing stage.

In the1800's there was a Doctor Prance in practice in Albion Street and in the late 1800's a William Prance is thought to have been the first steeplejack in Hull. He was a bachelor who lived with his mother Margaret Prance, whose husband was John Prance, a salesman. They lived in Caroline Place which is said to have been one of the first Regency houses to be built in Hull. It was known as Regency as it was only then that gardens were planted in front of the house. Margaret had two sons, Charles Alfred and William the steeplejack..