The Prance Family


William Prance  1821 - 1907

Harriet Prance (nee Braund)  1829 - 1916


Married in 1850 at the Wesleyan Chapel, Bideford

For some time in his life William, son of John, was a merchant seaman and mariner so was presumably away from home much of the time. Most of the Prances of this branch of the family had sea or farm related work, not surprising as they lived almost at the water's edge and William is recorded in 1873 as living with his children in the cottage below the Castle at Peppercombe. In 1871 it seems that his father, John, and mother Mary were also living with them there. At some later point they moved into Bideford. There must have been some assets accumulated for his son Frederick was able to purchase and have built for him at St Ives the fine fishing vessel the 'Deera'.


His children were:-

John Edward. (1857 - ) uncertain, probably died young.

Frederick William (1859 - 1939) married Deera Hollway (1861 - 1952) in 1884

William Charles. (1861 - 1935) married Liza ?

Sydney. (1864 - 1925 ) Married Elizabeth Tucker (1861 - 1940) in 1884. Bideford Harbour Master.

Caroline. (1866 - ) Married John Allin (1864 - ) in 1888. Took nine of her ten children to live in Missouri, USA

Edgar Henry(1868 - 1931 ) Married Clara Annett in 1903 Became watchmaker in Portsmouth


Poem By Edgar Henry

Poor old Bill Prance,
Is a hard working man;
He makes the two ends meet,
As well as he can.

But, you know old Bill's wife,
She's a first rate old hand!
At her needle or washtub,
She can use both her hands.

And her long family,
Of course she's had ten;
But five are only living,
And they are a fine lot of men.

There is Fred, five feet eleven,
Bill, five feet ten;
Sid, a little shorter,
And Car just the same.

Now Carrie the daughter,
She's a fine handsome girl;
Her form - it is perfect,
And as straight as a rail.

Now Ned, is the youngest.
Of ten, which I've said;
And he will say anything
That comes in his head.

And on reading this ryme,
You will easily guess;
That there's a screw loose in one,
If perfect the rest.

William Prance.  Posing with a lobster like his father before him.

Probably Ann Prance (1815-) Daughter of John Prance
married to William Johns