The Prance Family


'John Prance, his book, 1814'

John Prance and Mary Braund was married February 4th in 1810

Mary Prance was born Septtr 18th in 1810

Elizabeth Prance was bornFebry 24th in 1813 Baptised March 14th in 1813

Ann Prance was born Octbr 13th in 1815 Baptised Novr 5th in 1815

Grace Prance was born October 31 in 1818 Baptised Novr 22 in 1818

William Prance was born May 23 in 1821 Baptised July 1st in 1821

John Prance was born Decr 29 in 1823 Baptised January 18th 1824

James Prance was born May 22nt in 1826 Baptised June 11th in 182

Athaliah Prance was born March 22 in 1829 Baptised April 19th in 1829

Jane Prance was born Novr 2nt in 1831 Baptised Novr 27th in 1831

Joseph Prance was born June 24th in 1834 Baptised July 22nt in 1834

John Prance died Sept 16th in 1848